Equipping Our People: Community Development Training Program to bring better impacts for our local community


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Fostering sustainable development requires a holistic approach that includes building strong local communities around our business operations. When we talk about ‘sustainability’, it is important to recognise that the role of people, including local communities, is an important part of our operations. The success of a business is questionable if it generates excellent results but fails to contribute to the well-being of the surrounding area.

At TBS Energi Utama Tbk, we realized that our business is responsible for positively impacting our local communities.

Recently, TBS Group held a three-day training for all employees responsible for the Community Development Program. The training covered the fundamental principles of community development and the importance of a sustainable community development programme for our company. This training aimed to provoke the existing knowledge in the Group as well as to equip the new subsidiaries that will undertake these crucial tasks.

An impactful and measurable community development programme is the key aspect for us to achieve one of our goals under TBS2030, that is to empower our people Community development is the process of improving the quality of life in a local community. It involves developing and implementing strategies that help individuals, families, and groups to improve their economic well-being and social status by addressing issues such as education or unemployment.The development of local communities both economically and socially is an indicator of the company’s success in that area.

There are three main objectives of implementing community development programmes for our host communities.

  1. We aim to be a Trusted Partner for our stakeholders, including our local community. One of the objectives of our community development programmes is to gain the trust of our host community. We do this by conducting regular and proactive dialogues to inform them of the company updates and to ensure their needs are met.
  2. As a company, we see the importance of our local community being independent of our business for them to thrive. We do this by supporting them instead of interfering. One of the supports we include across our programmes is conducting relevant capacity development training.
  3. Finally, as our business is going through a significant transition, a coherent community development programme can help them navigate change. By preparing them during this phase, they can sustain their livelihoods and be resilient to change.

Social investment is important, but contextualization of each community development program is also required to achieve the programmes’ goals. TBS has committed to empowering the local community through targeted social investment and implementing programmes designed based on the community’s needs.

In our commitment, we will prioritize strategies that are measurable towards the sustainable development in our local community. By incorporating evidence-based principles throughout our programme, we conduct a needs assessment to identify the needs of our local community. This assessment is important because in order for the Company to design the right community program, we must first know events and issues in the area we operate. The assessment also ensures that the designed programs precisely reflect the needs that exist amongst the local community.

Once the assessment has been conducted, the next step is to develop the programme model. Detailed questions such as “Has this programme been able to address the fundamental issues in the area?” must be answered. Finally, the design of programme monitoring and evaluation. A number of matrices are used to measure the success rate of the programme against the amount of investment made. These matrices should be as specific as possible so that the success of the programme can be measured properly and clearly.

Scrutinization during the program design phase is also significant in addition to capturing the needs of the local community. Ǫuestions such as “Is this program able to answer the basic issues in the area?” must be answered during this phase of community development program planning. Once implemented, all the ongoing programs should be regularly monitored and evaluated and all impacts should be measured.

The success of the programme will be measured against a certain number of matrices, along with the amount of social investment issued by the company. This matrix is made as detailed as possible so that all outputs, outcomes and impacts of each program can be measured. A number of matrices are used to measure the level of success of the program implemented by the amount of investment issued. This matrix must be made as specific as possible so that the success of the program can be measured properly and clearly.

While the CSR/Community Development Department is continued being equipped with the tools and infrastructures they need to empower the local community, TBS encourages the employees, to go out and blend in with the local community to experience the hands-on experience and makes sense make sense of what the community is facing and give back to those who need help.

Through the community development programs, TBS hopes to promote sustainable development for the local community where we operate and achieve our commitment to empower them, as declared in our TBS2030 commitment.

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